Dedicated Server


Quality hardware

If you don't have your own server or the maintenance costs are to high a dedicated server might be the solution.

We provide quality hardware and take care that you are  24/24 on line. You'll get full control and can configure the server to your own needs.

The servers are located in Oostkamp, Belgium.

If you have further questions, feel free to contact us

What do you get

  • 99,9% uptime
  • Private secure racks
  • 2 IPv4 addresses
  • Installation operation system
  • Reliable hardware
  • Real time usage statistics
  • 100 Mbit uplink
  • Quality servers
  • Free RDNS
  • Quick delivery

Available servers

MachineHDD(Raid 0,1)CPURamBandwithExtraPrice
Dell R2002 * 750GBL3360 (2.83GHz, 2x6MB 4C)4 GB1000 GB € 59,00
Dell R2102 * 500 GBX3430 (2.4 Ghz 4C)4 GB1000 GB € 89,00
Dell R4102 * 600 GB (SAS 15rpm)E5520 2.26GHZ, 4C4 GB1000 GBDubbele voeding€ 159,00


All dedicated servers have a one time setup fee of € 50,00.

If you need a custom build machine, contact us and we'll provide a personal solution.